Ghosts are Living Their Best Life in Caleb Worcester’s Cozy Illustrations

Ghosts are often seen as spooky creatures that most people fear, but Caleb Worcester isn’t one of them. This creative illustrator believes that ghosts are just like us, and he found viral fame with a series of illustrations that show ghosts in all sorts of everyday situations.

Worcester hails from Kansas City, and he enjoyed drawing since he was a child. Since he didn’t consider art to be a viable career, he chose to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering, but his outlook changed once the pandemic hit, and he decided to explore his passion for design and share his illustrations with the world.

“My work combines the use of contemporary digital painting layered with fully 3D scenes to create an eye-catching and unique effect that tends to draw the eye inward, and impress upon the viewer the weight of the lighting and geometry,” he explains on his Etsy page.

Worcester claims he enjoys creating vibrant and colorful worlds filled with light, magic, and just the right amount of nonsense. That’s perfectly reflected in his ghost illustrations, which show adorable ghosts covered with bedsheets living their best lives, doing everything from painting and reading to gardening and going on road trips.