Ukrainian Mother-Daughter Duo is Bringing Nature to Life Through the Power of Embroidery

Many embroidery artists turn to nature when looking for a source of inspiration, including one mother-daughter duo from Ukraine. Catherine and Nadia Koloman of Fox & Blueberry are using their embroidery to celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature.

Catherine and Nadia hail from Ukraine and they’re creative souls who enjoy different kinds of crafts. They believe there’s nothing more beautiful and priceless than high-quality handmade things, unique and made with love—and their embroidery hoops perfectly fit that description.

Catherine learned the basics of embroidery after her mother showed her the ropes and taught her how to do some of the classic stitches. She decided to give it another go in 2020, creating a series of hoops that put animals and plants front and center, celebrating the beauty of nature in its full glory.

“We like nature and spend our days somewhere in the woods anytime we can. Nature helps us to come up with new ideas and with creating new beautiful things for you and for ourselves as well,” the duo explained on their Etsy page.

Embroidery and cross-stitching put the duo’s Instagram page @fox_and_blueberry on the map, but they enjoy all sorts of different crafts, from sewing and knitting to crocheting and drawing.