Heike Kuzminski’s Nature-Inspired Art Puts Birds Front and Center

From the first time when Heike Kuzminski picked up a painting brush, nature has always been her main source of inspiration. Her watercolor paintings celebrate the beauty of the natural world in its many shapes and forms, but birds are definitely her favorite subject.

Heike Kuzminski is an artist and interior designer based in Coquitlam, Canada, who has Bachelor’s Degree in applied design. She usually works with watercolor and ink and enjoys painting florals and animals in their natural habitat, isolating tiny elements and details in an attempt to create simple, yet striking compositions.

Most of Kuzminski’s inspiration came from nature from the first time she started drawing, and she felt even more inspired after taking up walking and hiking as a hobby following a knee injury that forced her to stop running.

“Slowing down, I started to notice the informational signage on the trails. I actually took the time to read about the plants and animals in the area. I was drawn to the different types of birds shown in the pictures and started painting them,” she wrote on her Etsy page.

Kuzminski’s obsession with birds started when she took part in Instagram’s 100-day challenge and received countless requests to paint different birds from all around the world. This project inspired her to explore their incredible diversity, and she’s been doing it ever since.