Joanna Swirska Creates Unique Tattoos Inspired by Nature

Joanna Swirska is a Polish tattoo artist with a distinctive inking style that guarantees one-of-a-kind tattoos. At first glance, her nature-inspired works look like your everyday representation of flora and fauna. However, once you take a closer look, you see that each piece has a hint of silliness that makes it that much more charming.

Swirska’s tattoos are full of whimsical moments, with each one being more impressive than the other. In one, a cat is riding a bike, the other shows raccoon donning an orange hat, while there is even one that depicts a kangaroo jumping around while wearing a blue backpack.

Swirska, who currently works out of her Wroclaw studio Nasza Tattoo Shop, acknowledges that her style is unique, which is why she doesn’t even try to describe it.

“I try to tattoo only things which I know and understand,” she told Tatoodo in a recent chat. “I don’t treat this kind of art very seriously, so that’s why I’m choosing themes with a cheerful sense of humor—for example, mushrooms, cats, and silly animals.”

Thanks to their charming nature, there is a high demand for Swirska’s designs. As a result, she is not taking any appointments until June, so you might have to be patient if you want to get inked by her. Until then, enjoy more of her works below.