Artist Illustrates Mythical Creatures From Welsh Culture

C.C.J. Ellis is a gifted artist known for illustrating mythical creatures of Wales. Based in North Wales, Ellis received a Master’s Degree in Design Communication and is the author of the book titled Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts.

She explains to Bored Panda that her book is an “illustrated compendium exploring the mythical creatures of Wales, comprised of ink and watercolors”. According to her, there are many “beasts” in the Welsh culture. However, many of them are being forgotten.

“I felt too sad to see that my culture is losing such an amazing array of creatures and legends that surround them,” the illustrator said in a statement for Bored Panda. “Therefore, I decided to bring them back to the forefront of Welsh culture and introduce them to a new generation by sharing our rich mythology with the world.”

The fantasy illustrator uses various media to create the creatures. She mainly draws them with pen, ink, and watercolor, but from time to time she likes to depict them digitally as well. That’s when she starts to use Photoshop and ProCreate.

Thanks to her amazing talent, the artworks have been published in online blogs and magazines. She was even invited to take part in a podcast and appeared on the BBC Wales Today show.