Kat Schneider’s Illustrations Capture Ups and Downs of Daily Life

If you’re always in the mood to discover new talented illustrators whose relatable work deeply resonates with the audience, it’s time you learned Kat Schneider’s name. Her illustrations perfectly capture the tapestry of life’s highs and lows we’ve all faced at one point.

Schneider is a freelance illustrator, comics artist, and printmaker based in New Jersey. In addition to sharing her illustrations with her 60,000 Instagram followers, Schneider collaborated with several major publications over the years, including The Washington Post.

Schneider’s illustrations became such a huge hit on social media because she enjoys tackling topics that we all relate to. Her illustrations always hit home, whether she’s exploring small joys and triumphs of life or taking us on the dark side and offering a window into everyday struggles we’d rather leave behind.

“While a lot of my work focuses on the little joys and annoyances of daily life, I also gravitate towards stories with themes of magic, heartache, coming-of-age, travel, and romance. Oh, and history, too!” writes Schneider on her official website.

After years of sharing her illustrations and comics on social media, Schneider is gearing up for the next chapter of her career. She’s busy writing her debut graphic novel I’d Like You to Like Me set to be published by Random House.