LEGO Releases a New Set Featuring a Brick Replica of a Polaroid Camera

Despite smartphones allowing us instant access to cameras by just reaching into our pocket, a lot of people still enjoy the aesthetics and the nostalgic feel of classic Polaroid instant cameras. And now, thanks to toymaker LEGO, we can now craft it by ourselves.

LEGO teamed up with Polaroid for a new set that features a brick replica of a vintage Polaroid camera model. The set, titled Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera, consists of 516 pieces and comes with all sorts of intriguing details.

“Play with everything and capture nothing with photographers’ favorite non-functioning camera!” says LEGO about the set.

When built, the camera comes with all the features of the original, including a distinct viewfinder, exposure compensation dial (which can be turned), and the recognizable Color Spectrum. On top of that, your LEGO Polaroid camera can even take photos; sort of.

As part of the set, you will get three Polaroid photos, including one showing Polaroid inventor Edwin H. Land. These photos can be “loaded” into the camera and then come out when you press the shutter button. This way, the feeling of snapping photos becomes almost real. The photos you “capture” can then be stored in a Polaroid Time-Zero Land Film pack.