This Comic Series Shows the Funny Side of the Everyday Lives of Dinosaurs

While we know a lot about dinosaurs, we have no way to find out what their everyday lives look like. However, that didn’t stop German artist Alex Fridlin from making his own assumptions and sharing them through his funny series of comics, Fossil Fools.

We already showcased Fridlin’s works a while back, but since then, the artist has shared plenty more works that deserve our attention.

In his comics, Fridlin imagines how the everyday lives of dinosaurs’ looked like if they were a bit more like humans. As it turns out, they face all the same challenges and situations as us, but they always find a way to deal with them in a light-hearted manner.

According to Fridlin, he was fascinated by dinosaurs in his childhood, and that fascination never went away. Once he embarked on an artistic journey, it felt natural to him to find a way to incorporate dinosaurs and Fossil Fools was born. 

“Many of my comic strips are based on real-life events. Often I would look into my diary to see what happened a year ago or so. But there is not only one way to come up with ideas. Sometimes they just come out of nowhere during my day when I take a shower, have a walk outside, or when I’m in bed at night,” Fridlin shared in a recent chat with Bored Panda.

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