Maisoon’s Art Evokes Emotion Through Tradition

Maisoon Alrubaei is a UK-based artist creating some truly beautiful pieces with her fans. With an Instagram account that sports a very respectable 33,000 plus followers, she’s definitely making the rounds in the art community and doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

Her paintings evoke a certain nostalgia that’s hard to resist. They depict stories of young women dressed in modest, traditional clothing, and often engaging in basic day-to-day tasks. The simplicity of what her characters do doesn’t hold back her art in any way—on the contrary, the simplicity is crucial for it to shine.

It’s the sheer mundane aspect of it all that brings the viewer in. Cap it off with clear yet vibrant colors, and a hefty dose of emotion, and you have yourself a hit. This brilliant combination keeps people coming back for more.

When looking at her paintings, you feel yourself falling into the intimate lives of its subjects. You feel yourself understanding the emotional arcs, the hidden backstories, the untold tales, and perhaps even the stories that the characters wish they could’ve experienced.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out a gallery of her work and see if you enjoy it!