New “Barbie” Movie Promo is Giving Us One Viral Meme After Another

Barbie is one of the most anticipated films of the year, and the masterminds behind it added some more fuel to the fire by sharing a new trailer and character posters last week. They became an instant internet sensation and gave us a few pretty funny memes along the way.

“Barbie” Poster

The marketing team behind Barbie is truly brilliant and they introduced the Barbie Selfie Generator, allowing people to make their own versions of character posters. They quickly started trending online, with everyone making fan posters of their favorite celebrities and fictional characters.

“She’s Everything. He’s Just Ken.”

The film’s logline, “She’s everything. He’s just Ken.” also created a lot of buzz, and gave us another amazing meme. Twitter users put a twist on it by sharing photos of their favorite fictional couples that have a similar character dynamic that this tagline tries to capture.

Barbie vs. Oppenheimer

As soon as the Barbie trailer came out, another highly-anticipated film of 2023 immediately started trending – Oppenheimer. Both movies are opening on the same date (July 21), and they’re so drastically different that the “Barbie vs. Oppenheimer” meme became a viral sensation as soon as the release date was announced.