Pol-Edouard Creates Retro-Futuristic Illustrations That Will Transport You to the 80s

Pol-Edouard is a French artist who draws inspiration from retro-futurism and the colorful, flashy, and “in-your-face” style of the ‘80s to create intriguing illustrations.

Pol-Edouard’s works represent homage to sci-fi action movies, futuristic games, and the predictions of the future that dominated the world some four decades ago. They usually depict scenes and characters while being packed with all the things people like from the era, including action heroes, robots, futuristic cars, crazy weapons, and much more.

According to the artist, these illustrations, made exclusively with markers, are not copies of particular moments from movies and video games and tend to show scenes and characters the way he remembers them.

 “I seek to make my childhood and adolescent memories visible by highlighting the elements that left an impression on me,” Pol-Edouard told Hype Beast in a recent interview. “That’s why it’s important for me not to copy a photograph but to create my own version. As for saturated colors, I would say it’s to bring strength to the visual and make it impactful in turn.”

Pol-Edouard’s works are currently on display at Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, France. The artist also shares them on a regular basis on his social media. Check out more of them below.