Taylor Rosen’s Funny Videos Chronicle the Horrors of Dating a Film Student

If you’re a passionate cinephile, it’s time you learned Taylor Rosen’s name because he’s making some of Instagram’s best film-related videos. In addition to posting movie recommendations and reviews, one of his viral video series perfectly captures the experience of going on a date with a film student.

Rosen is a passionate actor and filmmaker, whose filmography already includes over a dozen of credits, mostly in short films. As he waits for his career in Hollywood to pick up, Rosen is making a name for himself on social media, and his videos range from informative to truly hilarious.

In one of his most popular video series, Rosen captures the horrors of going on a Hinge date with a film student. From criticizing his date’s film preferences to failing to name a single Tarkovsky movie, characters in his videos perfectly capture pretentiousness often associated with film students, but they’re all in good fun.

In many of his videos, Rosen is essentially making fun of himself, since some of them also show what it’s like going on a date with an aspiring actor. His Instagram is also filled with book and movie recommendations, with a special focus on indie films that most people haven’t seen.