This Artist Draws Gorgeous Portraits Using Thread and Fabric

Embroidery is an age-old craft, and like most fabric arts, is usually considered a thing of the past, something our grandmothers used to do. But a growing community of young fiber artists are bringing it back to life with a new, modern twist.

Sheena Liam is one of those artists.

Like many others, the Malaysian-born was taught the basics of embroidery by her mother as a child. What started out as a hobby became a passion that has never left Sheena. She grew up to become a model, but she would always come back to embroidery between her travels and photoshoots.

Her hobby became as important to her as her work, and she decided to venture into a second career as an embroidery artist. She had her first exhibition in October 2018, and has been sharing her art with the world on Instagram.

Sheena’s embroidery is anything but traditional. She uses delicate threads almost like a pencil, and creates dazzling pieces that almost look like ink on paper.

Her favorite subject is women in everyday situations. She embroiders women reading books, brushing their hair, talking to each other. Her piece are so delicate and intimate, they’re bound to make you smile.