This Make Up Artists Turns Her Face Into Optical Illusions

While most of us still struggle with the principles of eyeshadow blending, Romanie-Jade Tulloch is mastering the art of makeup on a whole other level.

The young English-based makup artist is using face paint and makeup to create stunning illusions on her skin. RJ never studied makeup formally, but she does have a degree in fine art. She always loved makeup, so as her skills evolved she realized she could combine the two passions and create insane looks on her face.

Her inspiration comes from nature as well as famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Andy Warhol. The process of turning an idea into a look changed every time. It involves tiny brushes and a whole pallet of face colors to achieve a hyper-real look. It can take anywhere between five to eight hours to complete each look!

Creating the looks may be difficult and time consuming, but RJ makes sure to use readily available and affordable materials. Everything costs between five to 30 GBPs, and are easily found. RJ also uploads short video tutorial on her YouTube channel. So nothing is stopping you from trying this fun art yourself – all you need is some brushed, makeup, and about five hours.