TikToker Helps Raise $260K for an Uber Driver That Helped Her After She Was Robbed

TikTok influencer Becca Moore recently shared a story on social media that will restore your faith in humanity. An Uber driver helped her after she was robbed, so she decided to return the favor by raising $260,000 for him and his family on GoFund Me.

Back in April, Moore posted a video in which she described how she was robbed while at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. All her belongings, including her wallet and phone, were stolen, and she found herself in a tough situation. Luckily, the hotel staff provided her with an Uber so she could get to the store in order to get a new phone.

When the store couldn’t provide her with a new phone, her Uber driver Raul Torres decided to step in. He took Moore to the police station, bought her margaritas, and later helped her get her phone back.


the uber driver that saved me from going missing is @buds4u559!! 😭 after spending the day w him he told me his daughter is a senior in high school & is having a hard time going through chemo. i made a gofundme, he could’ve left me and didn’t have to help me the way he did! I’d love to help his fam give his daughter a normal end to her senior year of high school this year (prom!!) i’m putting it in my bio!!

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During their time together, Torres told Moore that he is working as an Uber driver in order to help his family. His daughter was going through chemotherapy while his father had terminal cancer. But despite all of his worries, he wanted to make sure Moore could get back home safely.

Moved by Torres’ generosity, Moore decided to set up a GoFund Me campaign for him in order to help him with the expenses. People absolutely loved the story and were so amazed by Torres that they contributed $50,000 in just one day. At the time of the writing, the figure reached $260K.

Besides getting much-needed money for his family, Torres also got a friend for life. Moore has since shared several clips in which the two are hanging out, and she even met his family. 

@becccamooore &lt3 more torres content coming stay tuned hehe also follow them @buds4u559 @la_toxicamyra ♬ original sound – Becca Moore

This story definitely shows that there are still good people out there that are ready to help strangers out of the pure kindness of their hearts. Our faith in humanity was restored. How about yours?