Watercolor Illustrations by Soosh Capture the Beauty of Family Moments

Even the simplest family moments have a delightful beauty to them. Whether it’s parents playing with their children, sharing embraces, or enjoying everyday activities, these moments come with a heartwarming feeling that captivates everyone who has a chance to witness them. 

Artist Soosh captures the beauty of these family moments through a series of moving illustrations. Made with watercolors, these illustrations are a joy to look at, radiating with love, emotion, and appreciation.

According to the artist, she has always been keen to observe the way people interact with those close to them. It is these scenes that provide an endless source of inspiration for her illustrations.

“My main focus has always been people. Their facial expressions, their mimics, their gestures, their acts of kindness, and their weaknesses – all of it is so fascinating and intriguing for me,” Soosh explained their creative process in a recent interview with Creative Mind Class. “Afterwards, it’s just a matter of time, a couple of pencils and some watercolor to dive in and bring to life those daily pictures on paper.”

Soosh regularly shares her newest illustrations on social media. She also published two children’s books to date, Mermaid and Me and Dad By My Side. You can check out more of her works below.