Where Fantasy Coexists with Reality: Step Inside Ari Liloan’s Illustrations

Illustrator Ari Liloan treats her work as a way of turning complex ideas into accessible imagery. “Illustration can be the vital frosting to make something seemingly boring easily digestible,” she explained once in an interview with Digital Arts Magazine. “That’s what I love about it.”

With a background in design, art direction, type design, and storyboarding, as well as web development, Liloan has many tools at her disposal. But she admits she enjoys best employing digital helpers such as Adobe Illustrator. Working digitally allows her more control and makes editing much easier. “However, it’s less about control compulsion than my analog incompetence,” she jokes.

A creative at heart, she explains that her inspiration comes from daydreaming. “My best ideas come while staring at a dead tree, hallucinating to the words of Haruki Murakami, Amelie Nothomb and Jack Gilbert,” she adds. Her work – most often overflowing with details and colors, present a wonderful landscape where dream and reality collide.

Enter with caution: