Young Pastry Artist is Making Jaw-Dropping Cakes Inspired by Pop Culture

Pop culture serves as a source of inspiration to artists all over the world. And this isn’t just the case for artworks like paintings and illustrations. Pop culture can also inspire some amazing desserts, especially in the case of cakes made by Pedro Sequera.

Sequera is a Venezuelan pastry artist who became an internet sensation thanks to jaw-dropping cakes that feature edible superheroes, anime characters, video game props, and much more. All of his desserts feature highly detailed pop-culture themes and references while being completely made by hand.

Sequera started making cakes in 2015 after failing to find work as a paramedic. He later immigrated to Mexico, where he had to start from scratch. This included selling cupcakes on the streets and offering his pastry services at various events and parties.

Things changed for the better when he made a cake inspired by animated fantasy Coco. His creation spread on social media and even caught the attention of movie’s director Adrian Molina. Since then, Sequera’s cakes gained exposure, and he has been able to make a living out of it.

In a recent interview, Sequera revealed that his cakes demand a lot of time and patience. He can make simpler cakes in a day or two, but those with more details can take up to eight days to complete.

“Whatever the client asks of us, I try to give it many shapes, textures, and colors that are out of the ordinary, and if necessary, I watch the movies in order to include details that you cannot see if you are looking for a simple image of the theme they have asked you,” he shared.

You can check out more of Sequera’s pastry art below.