Yuval Benjo Gives Her Clients Lucky Dip Tattoos

Lucky dip tattoos have been on the rise among tattoo enthusiasts in recent years. The concept usually involves people using dice or some other method to decide what kind of tattoo designs they’ll get. It is a perfect method for those who want to get inked but are unsure what to get.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based tattoo artist Yuval Benjo offers her clients lucky dip tattoos but with an intriguing twist. She has them pulling out stickers from her hand without seeing what’s on them. After that, Benjo uses their picks to create a new, unique tattoo.

Benjo doesn’t show the design to her clients, and they are only able to see it once it’s inked on their bodies, and there is no return. But, she is so good at her what she does that each client ends up being overjoyed with the ink they received.

For example, one of Benjo’s clients chose flames, vases, and cat stickers. From there, the tattoo artist came up with a design that features a cat in a traditional Asian costume breaking a vase with its paw.

Benjo frequently shares her mix-and-match lucky dip tattoo designs on TikTok, where she has more than 770,000 followers. Social media users absolutely love her content and so check out more of her clips below to see why.