Ahra Kwon Illustrates Colorful Little Worlds

Seoul-based artist Ahra Kwon illustrates colorful people doing various things in their perfect little worlds. Bright colors and big objects define her style, as well as distinct shapes.

One of her recent projects included a huge illustration for commercial client Hyundai with the purpose of celebrating the Year of the Ox: “In this illustration, the employees of Hyundai form together to make the number ‘2021’. Creating new letters for numbers with all the characters in harmony was a big challenge for me,” she told Creative Boom.

She finds inspiration in many different places, but mostly in books and vintage images. She enjoys stumbling upon old posters and ads, mainly before the 1980s. She has worked with numerous clients in the past, including some big names like Apple.

She starts each piece by setting up the composition, then moves on to sketching, and adds colors in the end. She enjoys creating dynamic compositions that explore depth and perspective. She’s skilled in balancing the form and the message she wants to convey. You can see more of her work on her website and Instagram.

Scroll down to see some of her pieces we picked out for you and follow her on social media for more!