Artist Creates a Massive Mandala Land Artwork by Building 448 Sand Pyramids

American artist Jim Denevan earned worldwide recognition thanks to his large-scale land art. But his recent project, “Self Similar”, might be his most impressive work to date.

As part of Public Art Abu Dhabi, Denevan created land artwork that consists of 448 sand pyramids positioned in a way that they form a massive mandala. The pyramids are positioned in 19 rings and cover around 0.4 square miles.

“As I draw and shape these forms, an invitation is made, it emerges. An ‘entering into’ takes place. A centering. Scale, presence, human, and otherwise. External is internal and internal is external. That which expires and that which is eternal, a simultaneity, within and without,” Denevan described his creative process behind the project.

According to the artist, “Self Similar” will eventually “fall apart” due to strong sandstorms. However, until they do, they are bound to amaze a lot of people.

The installation is located on Fahid Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the visitors can walk between the pyramids for an immersive experience. There are also a couple of observation platforms that allow observation of the mesmerizing mandala pattern.

This remarkable artwork is also illuminated by night, adding a dimension of light art.