Auto Shop Wants to Charge $650 to Repair Woman’s Car Mirror, She Decides to Do it Herself

Auto repair shops will usually try to charge you a lot of money for fixing your car, regardless of whether the job is complicated or something fairly simple. This is especially the case if they notice you are not especially familiar with the entire process.

TikTok user @soshethinkssheisfunny recently had a car mirror on her Chevy Cruze totaled and wanted to get it replaced. She was told by the auto repair shop that it would cost her $650 to get that fixed, which seemed outrageous to her. So she decided to do it herself and documented the process in a video posted on her TikTok. 

In a now-viral clip, the TikToker explains that she bought a power drill and a spare car mirror on eBay. She proceeds to open a panel on the car door, which shows that you only need to take off the plug from the mirror and unscrew three bolts to get it off.

@soshethinkssheisfunny easily swaps the mirrors and reveals that she only spent $60 to do the repair herself.


Don’t let autoshops pull one over on you, srsly guys

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The video received more than seven million views since being posted, with users sharing similar experiences in the comment section.

“I was quoted $150 to change my air filter. I bought the filter on Amazon for $20, and it took around 5 minutes to replace,” one user wrote.

“They quoted me that it would cost 4000$ to fix the air conditioner in my car. I taught myself to replace the compressor & condenser for under 1000$,” another one added.

Of course, you should still leave it up to mechanics to handle some complicated fixes in order to ensure the car you are driving is safe. However, if it’s something simple like a car mirror change, give it a go yourself and save some money.