Check Out These Funny Single-Panel Comics By Chris Agee

The best kinds of webcomics are single-panel, simple, and feature a direct and funny punchline that everyone can easily get. This is exactly how Chris Agee approaches his Eyewash Comics.

Eyewash Comics are not expertly illustrated and don’t try to be too smart for their own good. They are simply funny and will get you a good laugh when you stumble upon them on your social media. They deal with all sorts of different themes, ranging from everyday life situations to entertaining puns from the animal world.

According to Agee, he started creating Eyewash Comics during the pandemic when he came up with the idea to launch a single-panel comic series. He intended to use it as a creative outlet for jokes, gags, and puns that would pop into his head from time to time. 

“These constant puns and gags can make it hard for me to engage in a conversation longer than 15 seconds, but if I say some of them out loud, they occasionally make other people laugh,” the artist explains on his website.

After the first drafts of his Eyewash Comics were met with positive reactions, Agee decided to focus more on them, and it is proving to be a great decision. The comics have a loyal fanbase on social media, and the number of his followers is constantly increasing.

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