Pokémon Fans Need to Watch This Wholesome Series Featuring Snorlax and Cubone

The Pokémon franchise is a gift that keeps on giving. This became even more obvious with a wholesome new animated series featuring Snorlax and Cubone.

The series, consisting of four short episodes, was created by Japanese 3D animation studio Polygon Pictures. It follows a unique friendship between two Pokémon monsters that couldn’t be more different. Snorlax is laid-back, enjoys naps, and isn’t always in the mood to do things that don’t involve resting or eating. Cubone, on the other hand, is energetic, jumpy, and always in the mood for some adventure.

Despite their differences, the two Pokémon manage to become best pals. They find joy in little things through the seasons, whether it’s making snowballs during winter or simply admiring nature’s awakening in the spring.

The Snorlax and Cubone animated series was first shared on social media as four separate episodes. The Pokémon Company now compiled all of the episodes into one video shared on YouTube. If you are a Pokémon fan, you need to watch it right away. If you are not, you should go ahead and check it out regardless because it is a relaxing and soothing watch.

Check out how Snorlax and Cubone formed their unlikely friendship below.