“Chicken Wars“ is the Newest Trend Taking Over TikTok

We know that TikTok is full of trends that come out of nowhere and captivate the attention of social media users. The latest one, named “Chicken Wars,” is somewhat bizarre yet incredibly captivating.

Basically, Chicken Wars sees TikTok users bragging about their “chicken armies” and claiming that they would beat other chicken armies. And it just goes on and on, with each clip being more fascinating than the other one.

As it seems, the trend actually started with user @dylan_bezjack, who posted a short clip that showed him being followed by a flock of chickens.

“You better watch out there pal,” the TikToker can be heard saying. “Me and my posse are on our way to kick some a** and take some names here.”

This apparently triggered other chicken owners, who went out of their way to show the strength of their flock with some battle music like Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

Some TikTokers even started “training” their chickens for better performance.

As it currently stands, no one is backing up, and who knows what “Chicken Wars” will turn into. Until then, check out more of “chicken armies” below.