Heartwarming Video Shows Woman’s Emotional Reunion With Her Dog After 6 Months

Dogs are so good at showing how much they miss us after some time apart. They will rush to our arms, wiggle their tail, and lick our faces before leaning in for a comforting hug. This is why watching dogs and their owners reunite is always heartwarming and emotional.

TikTok user Kristina Ryback recently spent six months abroad for studies with her beloved pug Plusha having to stay behind. When she returned, Plusha welcomed her at the airport and reacted in a way that melted the hearts of social media users.

The clip shared by Ryback starts with her and Plusha saying a heartbreaking goodbye when she leaves for her studies. It then cuts to an airport scene that saws Plusha carrying flowers for his owner and not being able to contain his joy.

“If my future husband doesn’t meet me the same way, he won’t be my husband,” Ryback wrote in the caption of the video.


If my future husband doesn’t meet me the same way, he won’t be my husband #london #londonlifestyle #dogs #pug #fyp #dogtok #dogsoftiktok

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The clip soon turned viral, getting more than three million views and attracting thousands of comments from TikTok users who were touched by this scene.

“Crying in the club rn,” @ryderthedal wrote.

“The way I’m sobbing is embarrassing fr,” @ok__ayla added.