Flock of Seagulls Try to Steal TikToker’s French Fries in This Viral Video

When seagulls spot some food, nothing stops them from trying to get it. Whether it’s in your hands, bag, or even a car, they will make a run for it.

A recent viral video shared by TikTok user Maria Sandin shows a flock of seagulls trying to steal her French fries through the car windshield. And while Sandin and her friend were unable to contain their laughter about the whole thing, it was a slightly frightening sight.

The seagulls showed they were not discouraged by the glass that was separating them from two packs of McDonald’s fries. They charged full steam ahead, hitting the windshield with their beaks and even managing to crack it a bit.

The clip quickly spread on social media, getting close to 13 million views and attracting 13.5K comments. Most of the TikTok users labeled the scene as “terrifying,” with some even comparing it to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece The Birds.

“Ummm this looks like the movie Birds,” one user wrote.

“Anxiety kicked in, the movie Birds had me thinking they would follow you home,” another one added.

Sadin later uploaded a follow-up clip that showed just how many birds were out to get their food.