Hebe Konditori is Rocking Our World With Their Stylish Cake Designs

Some of the most amazing cake designs these days are made by artists who made a surprising shift to baking. That also happens to be the case with Hebe Kondiitori, a London-based brand specializing in beautifully crafted cakes and desserts.

This brand was founded by Sarah Hardy in 2017, but she had no background in cooking or baking when she embarked on this journey. Hardy actually studied sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art, but made a career shift when she decided to apply her sculpting skills to creating cakes.

She could’ve easily named the brand after herself, but she opted for the name Hebe Kondiitori, which added a poetic quality to her creations, despite being a little bit difficult to pronounce.

“I was into reading Greek mythology at the time and discovered that ‘Hebe’ the goddess of youth, fed Nectar and Ambrosia to the Greek gods and goddesses. So I thought that it made a nice link to cakes. Konditori is the word for a bakery that specializes in sweets, cakes, and patisserie,” she told Lazy Oaf.

In addition to crafting beautiful cakes for Hebe Kondiitori, Hardy worked with several other bakeries in London. She’s also a food stylist and recipe developer, and her amazing cake designs often come as the result of the ingredients she uses in the cake-making process.