iPad Artist Creates Vivid and Colorful Cartoons

Ever since cavemen drew vague symbols on their cave walls, art has existed in our society in one way or another. The only difference between art over the years is two things. The fact that technology allows for us to express it in different ways, and the fact that we as a human species are constantly evolving with our sensibilities, thoughts, and opinions. In this day and age, one modern form of art is rendered through the beloved iPad, an Apple tablet.

Julie Hagen-Brenner is a modern artist in every sense of the term, because she’s taking advantage of all the available resources at her disposal. Instead of doing the same old thing as everyone else, she’s utilizing new, cutting-edge tools to get her vision across. As you can see from her work, this is one artist who enjoys making brilliantly vivid and colorful projects. The tones are generally solid, but they’re also bold and bright, which says a lot about her style.

However, Hagen-Brenner’s work is more than just a wonderfully detailed and beautiful cacophony of colors and shapes. All of her work is rooted in some kind of message or theme, which enhances the experience for each viewer. Whether it’s a demonstration of the four seasons, or a depiction of the Middle Ages, her art always has a backstory.

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