Lush Presents Limited Series of Shower Products Inspired by Super Mario Bros

Want your shower products to smell good and look good? Well, cosmetics retailer Lush has just the thing for you. The company recently presented a limited series of shower products inspired by the iconic Nintendo video game franchise Super Mario Bros.

The series is part of the promotional campaign for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie starring Chris Pratt and includes Princess Peach body spray, gold coin soap, Super Mario and Luigi shower gels, and more.

The Princess Peach body spray is described as a “fruity burst of peach and pineapple.”

Golden coin-shaped soap comes with a “sweet scent of warm, honey caramel.”

Bowser shower jelly promises a “cleanse with spicy clove oil and stimulating cinnamon leaf.”

Super Mario and Luigi shower gels are there if you want to “shower in fresh pomegranate juice and Persian lime oil” or feel the scent of a “fresh, crisp apple.”

The most intriguing product, however, is the Question Block bath bomb. Each of the bath bombs contains a “soapy power up” with a “unique blend of fragrance and color.” There are a total of six of these soapy power-ups, so you will have to do a lot of bath bombing if you want to get them all.

The Lush x Super Mario Bros collection is already available in selected Lush locations, but it won’t be there forever. So, if you are a Super Mario Bros fan and want to get your hands on some of these cool products, better hurry up.