Rare Plant Bae is the Queen of Nurturing Nature

Image via rareplantbae/Instagram

We all have a crazy plant lady inside us, just waiting to be unleashed—and that certainly happens to be the case with Rare Plant Bae. She’s the queen of nurturing nature, and her impressive plant collection is taking Instagram by storm and growing larger day by day.

Rare Plant Bae is the alter ego of the plant lover named Winnie, who’s based in California. She embarked on quite a journey since she discovered her passion for plants in 2020, and her Instagram page attracted over 45,000 followers in the meantime.

Winnie’s obsession with foliage and flourishing greenery started quite innocently, with just five plants in her collection, but it didn’t take her long to go wild. She started her rare variegated plant collection journey in 2020, and she now owned over a hundred plants—even though she managed to find a new home for some of them on her Etsy page.

Winnie purchased most of her plants through private collectors, and once her little plant family started growing, she didn’t want to keep it all to herself. She started her Instagram page because it brings her tremendous joy to share her love for plants with the world, along with tips and tricks that fellow greenery lovers can use to help their personal collection bloom.