Saucony Originals Releases Sneakers Made Out of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a lot more versatile than we thought. Besides giving us food and medicine, they can also be used for making sneakers, as a recent collection from footwear brand Saucony Originals shows.

As part of their summer collection, Saucony introduced three pairs of sneakers that use leather made out of mushrooms. This leather is actually made of a material called Hyphalite, which is 95% plant-based. The process of producing Hyphalite includes mixing dried mushrooms with water and then pressing them to create a basis for the material. 

The Saucony’s Mushroom Pack consists of 3D Grid Hurricane, Shadow 5000, and the Shadow 6000. All three sneakers are colored in “earthy” tones, which represent their origin. There are also several other details that indicate the sneakers are “plant-based,” like the mushroom icon on the tongue.

The mushroom sneakers come with more environmentally friendly features, including recycled laces and recycled footprints.

“This exclusive pack made with mushrooms 95% bio-based formula, making your sneaker look great while keeping your footprint light,” said the company about the release.

The 3D Grid Hurricane, Shadow 5000, and Shadow 6000 are already out and can be purchased on the brand’s official website. Their price ranges from $120 to $140.