Slinkachu Puts Miniature Figures Into Different Scenarios

An artist known as Slinkachu creates fun and colorful scenes that only look chaotic at first glance before you realize what you’re actually looking at. Once you look closer, you will notice miniature figures having the time of their life! They are interacting with real-size objects and create oddly proportioned scenes that look very creative and fun. For example, one scene shows a miniature car being slammed by a lollipop and a miniature man holding his head next to it.

Slinkachu’s characters find themselves in many different situations. His work is often a comment on contemporary issues in our society. He has done commission work for the Natural History Museum recently. “My work has always reflected the sense of isolation and loneliness that a big city can imbue, but the isolation of being inside is new to me,” the artist told Colossal after he had to take his work inside due to the pandemic. He now recreates city streets and their elements in his living room.

See some of his work below and find more on Instagram. Definitely follow him there if you’d like to see more.