TikToker Sent Out Graduation Cards to Celebs, and Some of them Responded

TikTok user Renee aka @reneerer123, graduated from college last year and was left with a few extra graduation cards. Not wanting them to go to waste, she decided to mail them to various celebrities. Surprisingly, some of them responded.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Renee decided to share some of the responses with her followers. It turned out that Johnny Depp, Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Adam Sandler, and Mikhail Varshavski (Doctor Mike) all decided to write back. Doctor Mike even opened her letter in one of his videos.

While some of the celebrities sent out generic responses, others made it more personalized. For example, O’Neal even made sure to address the response with “To Renee.”

The clip received tons of attention on social media, receiving 13.4 million views in less than a week. It also left internet users with lots of questions, which Renee decided to respond to in a follow-up video.

The main thing people wanted to know was how Renee got the addresses, and the answer is simple; she found them on Google.

“I specifically made sure that I chose their fan addresses and not their actual personal home addresses,” she added.