TikToker Spends Entire Day Working at Kroger for Free Without Anyone Knowing

With grocery chains struggling with a lack of staff, TikToker @ugh_madison decided to help out her local Kroger by working the entire day for free. The catch was that no one even knew she was doing it.

In a viral video shared on her TikTok profile, @ugh_madison can be seen showing up at Kroger and simply getting to work. She helped the customers, restocked shelves, paid for people’s shopping bills, and even got some food for the staff break room. 

Everything went well until one of the employees recognized her. They saw one of her previous videos and decided to call the manager.

“I packed up my things and continued working at a different aisle, but the manager still managed to find me,” the TikToker says in the video.

Once manager came, they explained @ugh_madison that she can’t work for free at the store due to union rules.


The employee and manager caught me this time 😭 @OLIPOP #olipoppartner

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Despite not fulfilling her goal of “not leaving until I’m CEO of Kroger,” @ugh_madison managed to amuse a lot of social media users with her stunt. Some TikTokers were surprised that her “co-worker” told on her, but @ugh_madison didn’t mind. 

“No she was nice! She said she saw that video on Instagram a couple hours ago and she was laughing and the manager was nice!” she wrote in reply to one comment.