Rolex Unveils Limited Edition Day-Date Model Inspired by the Vienna Philharmonic

Rolex and Vienna Philharmonic are taking their longtime partnership to another level. The iconic watchmaker just unveiled a limited edition Day-Date model inspired by the orchestra.

Rolex has been an exclusive partner of the Vienna Philharmonic since 2008 and has sponsored the orchestra’s New Year’s concert since 2009. The new timepiece serves as a celebration of the 15th anniversary of their collaboration.

The 36mm Day-Date, which “pays a tribute to classic music” according to Rolex, features a trademark green watch face with silhouettes of a violin and volute. It comes with an enameled dial made of 18 ct yellow gold.

“The exclusive version introduced here is fashioned in 18ct yellow gold and adorns a finely crafted dial representing a violin and its volute, a decoration made using the champlevé method of grand feu enameling. Directly etched into the yellow gold base, the violin design is colored by hand in different shades of green,” said Rolex in an ad published in the New York Times.

Unfortunately, the Vienna Philharmonic-inspired Day-Date model will not be available in commercial sale. Only a limited number of units were produced and will be offered to selected Rolex enthusiasts.