Zig Zag Goods’ Boots Will Put a Smile On Your Face

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that will make you feel like you can conquer the world, Zig Zag Goods is just the brand you’re looking for! They’re the very definition of dopamine dressing, and their quirky boots will put a smile on your face with their vibrant colors and silly patterns.

Zig Zag Goods was founded by Amanda Adam in 2016, and she still runs it from her home in East Pasadena, Los Angeles, offering a wide range of happy-go-lucky clothes and accessories.

“The sunny skies and dry summer air inspires childhood-forever aesthetic. Through youthful motifs, such as paint creations, miscellaneous bead arrangements, zig-zag stitching, tie-dye, flowers and swirls, they create pieces that ignite a joyful nostalgia in their customer,” reads the brand’s official website.

Zig Zag Goods sells everything from crocheted dresses and tops to hippie bucket hats and bags, but the boots are definitely their strongest suit. Cowboy boots decorated with colorful patterns are one of their signature products, and they’ll change the way you look at this iconic piece of shoewear.

Zig Zag also offers everything from gogo boots to roller-skates in a similar style, often adorned with stars, flowers, and smiley faces.