AI Dresses Star Wars Characters in Fashionable Garments

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was an artist who decided to make Star Wars characters more fashionable. They turned to artificial intelligence for help and came up with fashionable garments that brought a fashion revolution to the Empire.

Icy Design from Helsinki, Finland, recently presented a new series of artworks that sees iconic Star Wars characters dressed in fashionable creations. The series was created with an AI program, Midjourney and saw capes and plain costumes being replaced with daring haute couture designs, feathered armor, and dazzling accessories.

 “Imagine that Chewbacca has transformed into a dazzling haute couture goddess, with fur that is slyly flowing. The Stormtroopers have also received a frilly makeover,” writes Icy Design on its official website. “Raise your lightsaber high and engage in a fashion battle that will take you to the ends of the galaxy and back. May the fashion force be with you!”

By bringing a new type of fashion to the galaxy, Icy Design hopes to bring light and dark together “in a glorious display of style.” They also want to create a new era of galactic style” that will be remembered and appreciated for generations to come. Check out more of these intriguing works and see if they are on a good path to achieving that.