Ali Martin Went From Being Musician to Cooking Up a Storm as Travel Blogger

Many popular food bloggers left soul-crushing corporate jobs to do something more creative, but Ali Martin’s story is quite different. She left her job as a full-time musician to explore her passion for cooking and found success as the founder of the popular food blog Gimme Some Oven.

Martin isn’t a newcomer in the world of travel blogging – she’s been doing this since 2009 when Instagram was in its early stages and TikTok was still in a distant future. Back in the day, she was still working as a full-time musician by day and cooking up a storm by night—but that was about to change.

Her food blog became such a huge success, with 260,000 Instagram followers and counting, that she started developing recipes and writing for her website full-time. She enjoys seeing recipes from her tiny kitchen show up on tables around the world, and this is what kept her going for over a decade of food blogging.

Martin is a Kansas native who’s been living in Barcelona, Spain for over five years, and many of her recipes are inspired by her new home. She enjoys shopping at local markets, buying seasonal ingredients, and paying homage to Spanish cuisine through her recipes.