Artist Illustrates Everyday Struggles and How We See Them

Artists usually work with a list of various media before they chose “the one”. The same went with Aishwarya Mankar, a talented architect, illustrator, visual artist, branding and identity designer, who has worked with big brand names and whose artworks were featured in various magazines. She is also the creator of an Instagram page titled Tiny Musings where she shares her creations.

She describes her project as an “attempt at reflecting upon tiny incidents that happen in our lives that create a huge impact on the way we see things.” These dialogue-less illustrations unfold themselves with each new panel. Mankar explains that the dark, monotonous, monochrome color palette plays the antagonist, while the brighter counterpart plays the protagonist.

“Each story is relatable and makes you imagine yourself in it, and gives you instant hope and happiness. And if it may fail to do that in the long term, it does at least instantly bring a smile to your face, making your day a bit better or less sucky,” she said in a post on Bored Panda.

She currently doesn’t have a huge following, but her artworks are worth checking out. Scroll down and take a look at some of the illustrated stories. Can you relate?