Bonny Carrera is Using the Power of AI to Craft Amazing 3D Armchairs

Food and design often come together to create something truly amazing and Bonny Carrera is one of the digital creators who managed to seamlessly blend them into one. He took Instagram by storm with his amazing 3D artwork, especially his signature fruity armchairs.

Carrera is a Berlin-based artist, who enjoys exploring different styles through his work, from photorealism to cartoon fun. According to his IllustrationX page, “the images he creates are often larger than life – impactful, colorful, and expressive.”

That certainly describes the most popular series on his Instagram page—incredibly detailed 3D armchair designs inspired by fruits. From pumpkins and watermelons to grapes and pineapples, no fruit or veggies is off limits when Carrera is looking for inspiration.

Carrera told DeMilked that he made his signature fruity armchairs with AI Midjourney. He claims there’s no big story behind this collection and that he simply wanted to play around with this new tool and see what he could come up with.

Fruity armchairs became a huge hit on his Instagram page, but we’ve seen him craft many other amazing 3D designs, from origami animals and spaghetti monsters to lollipop shoes and cake dresses. His creativity knows no bounds, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of his AI designs.