Fotini Tikkou is a Greek Illustrator and Ceramist With Unique Style

The characters Fotini Tikkou creates will make you wish they were real so you could be friends with them. Tikkou uses art to express self-acceptance, self-love, and body positivity. The blend of pencils and watercolors creates soft art that warms the viewer’s heart. When she’s not drawing people, she paints flowers and landscapes or creates ceramic cups and plates.

Tikkou currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She got her degree at the School of Fine Arts in Athens in 2009 and has been doing creative work ever since. Her illustrations are simple and minimalist, but they convey a strong message. If you’re all about supporting artists whose work revolves around topics like diversity, acceptance, motherhood, and self-esteem, you’re going to love Tikkou’s Instagram page. She’s approaching 200k followers, so join them to see why they are choosing to stay and follow the work of this talented lady.

We tried to pick several of our favorite posts from her page and you can see them below, but there’s so much more amazing work that you’ll have to explore yourself!