High School Seniors Prank Their Principal With a Sleepover at Her House

High school seniors are known for pulling all sorts of pranks on their fellow students, teachers, and principals. However, they are rarely as creative as the one seniors at St. Andrews School in Middletown, Delaware, pulled on their principal Joy McGrath.

Wanting to say a proper goodbye to Mrs. McGrath, the senior class decided to sneak into her house at 1 AM and have an impromptu sleepover. Surprisingly, the principal didn’t notice a thing until she got down to the kitchen in the morning for a cup of coffee.

A viral video that is circling social media shows Mrs. McGrath opening the door of the kitchen and being shocked by the sight of students sleeping on the floor. She closes the door to gather herself before entering again and greeting the students with “Good morning, little bunnies!”

According to one of the seniors, they conceived the idea for the prank after Mrs. McGrath invited them for breakfast. One student made a comment that he wouldn’t mind taking a nap in the living room, and they decided to do just that. 

“I was in shock,” McGrath said in a chat with TODAY after the video went viral. “They were in every possible corner like sardines. It took me a second to realize, ‘This is a senior prank!’”