TikToker Explores a House from the 1980s That is “Frozen in Time“

TikTok user @urbexventures became quite popular on social media thanks to their “urban explorations” of old and abandoned buildings and houses. They recently shared an intriguing clip showing an exploration of a family house from the 1980s that seems “frozen in time.”

The clip gives a great insight into what life and technology looked like more than 40 years ago. You can see musical instruments, a TV set with a VHS player, an old sewing machine, a reading chair, and various other objects from the era.

The clip received more than four million views and prompted thousands of comments. TikTok users were amazed with the things they saw but were also left with all sorts of questions, including what prompted the family to leave the house and never return.

“I wonder if someone who lived there still is alive and knows their home is still there untouched,” one user wrote.

“I wish I knew the stories behind how this happens,” another one added.

In some of the previous clips posted on their TikTok, @urbexventures showcased several other similar abandoned houses from different eras, including one from the 1960s. Continue scrolling to check out more of them.