Hilarious Embroidered Cats Done By Japanese Crafter

In the past, many young girls were taught how to decorate fabric using a needle and thread. But with time, as girls got interested in other things, they began studying and working and this craft almost vanished. Thankfully there are still talented people who cherish embroidery. Like Japanese artist Suimin, whose Instagram profile is full of interesting creations.

Suimin’s work is simple but cute. She mainly focuses on her favorite animal, cats, and she dresses them and makes them do things only humans can do. For example, her cats eat ice cream, carry hand-rolled sushi, and wear sushi costumes.

Creating her masterpieces, Suimin doesn’t use the traditional embroidery technique. Instead, she does patchwork techniques done by sewing one piece of material onto another to make the artwork stand out and add texture to an existing cloth.

The crafter likes naming every creation and usually adds a quick story behind her artwork. For instance, she has a piece titled Take a Walk in the Chamomile Garden.

“I like chamomile tea. It seems to be good before going to bed as it has a relaxing effect. When I was a kid, I used to read Peter Rabbit’s Picture Books. The mother rabbit has a big adventure and makes Peter drink it. I wanted to drink it someday. I was surprised when I drank it for the first time because I had a habit of taste, but I became addicted to it …!,” she writes on her Instagram page.