Japanese Artist Creates Delicate Flower Sculptures out of Metal

You could easily mistake the flower sculptures made by Japanese artist Shota Suzuki for the real deal. The pieces he creates look like nature frozen in time until you touch them and realize they are a combination of wires, metal, and sheer talent.

Using metal and his knowledge of chemistry, Suzuki is able to recreate delicate dandelions, cherry blossoms, leaves, and all kinds of different flowers to the slightest details. However, unlike living flowers, Suzuki’s stand the test of time.

Suzuki’s creative process is rather simple. He takes walks around his neighborhood and pays great attention to the things nature created. He then gets back to his studio and works from memory, choosing to forgo sketches and models.

This is why Suzuki doesn’t view his works as recreations. “My work does not portray a plant as it would be in its natural environment,” the artist told Kyoto Journal in a recent interview. “Rather I manipulate it in a way that I find to be beautiful.”

Check out more of his works below.