This Family Bought a General Store and are Turning It Into Their Home

Meet Jordan and Faith and their four children who are on a journey of renovating an early 1900s, 10,000 square foot general store building into their home—and sharing the process on social media.

It all began when Jordan and Faith saw that a general store building went for sale in their town. They didn’t hesitate one minute and jumped at the opportunity to buy it.

The building had been empty for a few years and needed a lot of work, but the family was up for the challenge. They spent the next few months repairing and renovating the building, turning it into the home of their dreams.

 “Renovating this 10k square foot building won’t be an overnight process. Especially since as of now we are doing the work in our spare time, out of pocket and… contrary to a lot of commenter’s opinions about us, we aren’t rich,” they say in a post on Instagram.

The family’s big, old-fashioned general store building may have started out as just a dream, but with a lot of hard work and a little bit of magic, they will be able to turn it into the home of their dreams.