Photographer Captures Rainbow of Light on Hummingbird’s Wings

Australia-born photographer Christian Spencer has been living in the Itatiaia National Park in Brazil for the past 19 years. The nature there gave him plenty of opportunities to take incredible photos of wildlife. Recently, he took several photos of a hummingbird with a rainbow of light on its wings and they quickly went viral. 

Besides photography, Spencer enjoys creating nature-inspired art. His paintings include beautiful landscapes and wild animals, just like his photos. As we learned on his website, “In these 18 years of career Christian Spencer has used the canvas, film, music and photography to sustain his unique art, a representation of the abstraction that he sees in nature, capturing the inter-relationship between the micro and macro, “the invisible orchestrated cosmos.”

You can follow him on his two Instagram pages, @christianspencer_art and @christianspencerphoto. Scroll down to see the photos of the rainbow-tailed hummingbird he captured and check him out on Instagram for more.